Pathogenic management techniques

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It is first important to know that the jurist relates pathogenic management techniques to the violation of a rule of law:

  • The misuse of the subordination link: incivilities of a vexatious nature, refusal to engage in dialogue, insidious or insulting remarks, hurtful words, denigration and the desire to ridicule, mockery.
  • Misuse of disciplinary rules: unjustified sanctions based on non-existent or venial facts or trivial facts; undermining of grade and step advancement, requests for professional training training; abusive evaluation and grading.
  • Misuse of managerial power: isolating, not giving work, setting unachievable objectives, assigning work objectives, assigning unnecessary work, arbitrarily changing assignments.
  • Misuse of organisational power: arbitrarily changing working conditions or the the essential duties of the job.

It is therefore essential to identify pathogenic management practices. They overlap with the legal rules. The following list should help the manager, the employee, his occupational physician, his general practitioner and his psychiatrist to analyse the working conditions in which he seems to be losing his health.

List of pathogenic management techniques

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