Burn-out propagation test. Le test de propagation du burnout en anglais

7 mai 2021 par

Burn-out is still too often referred to personal characteristics, over-investment in work, addictive field, excessive need for recognition, bogging down the employee in his individual guilt, exonerating work organisations from their obligation to preserve employees’ health (L4121-1 to L4121-5 of the Labour Code). Has professional conscience, once a major virtue, become a pathology? Is it a neurotic ideal to want to do one’s job well and have the time, means and objectives? Burn-out is seen as a tragedy of individual inadequacy, whereas it is a social pathology, even a pathology of civilisation. The propagation test is not a numerical self-assessment scale that physicians are so fond of, because of their scientific training. It is a clinical journey that allows us, across the boxes, to measure the often unimaginable, surreptitious, changes in an employee’s professional and private life that lead to burnout.

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